Breaking the Spirit of Suicide

Breaking the Spirit of Suicide
The Story of Standing Rock Reservation
Pivotal Paradigm number 5:  “Nation transformation must be tangible, and the premier social indicator is the elimination of systemic poverty.” (For more on the 5 pivotal paradigms for nation transformation click here.)
There are many causes of poverty, but typically we focus…


From Old Traditions to New Vision 
By Ed Silvoso
In the quest to rediscover the real Ekklesia™, tradition can be the ballast that gives us stability as we sail into uncharted waters, or the anchor that immobilizes us, as it did at first for the Early Church. 
Jesus instructed His apostles to…

Happy Valentine’s Day

In these hours before Valentine’s Day, husbands everywhere are busily putting together their well-laid plans to deliver flowers, breakfasts-in-bed, romantic surprises and any number of things to convey their love for their wife. At the same time, others are trying to figure out, even after many years together, what…

What Does Easter Mean to You?

As we get ready to celebrate this Easter weekend, the highest holiday in our Christian faith, Teo and I wanted to share with you this video we created exploring what Easter means to us. Jesus never gave up in his goal of redeeming us. He loved us to the…