To assist you in your personal spiritual growth and to support the creation and development of 2o3 groups, this resource page will be updated regularly. New items are those with bold lettering. And if you have a great resource you’d like to share, please send that to us via our connect page.

We declare that God is our Chairman of the Board, Jesus is our CEO and the Holy Spirit is our legal counsel. AMEN.

News Sites

Books & Authors

  • Ekklesia by Ed Silvoso
  • Ekklesia Rising by Dean Briggs
  • Intercessory Prayer by Dutch Sheets
  • Michael Lake - Healing and Deliverance
  • Dan Duval - Healing and Deliverance
  • Reclaiming The 7 Mountains of Culture

Scripture & Music

  • Matt 18:19, 20
  • Matt 16:13-19
  • Psalm 33:44, 45
  • Jeremiah 29:7
  • Romans 13:1-7
  • I Tim 2:1, 2
  • God of this City, Chris Tomlin