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This is the fourth and final report on Transformation in Mexico. 
Can you imagine a medical institution specializing in cancer treatment that takes in stage 4 patients (the most advanced level) and obtains results that are three times better than the national average in the U.S.? A place where prayer, compassion and pastoral care, combined with superb conventional and innovative approaches, result in patients and family members receiving the Lord and renewing their faith in God?
While I was ministering in Ciudad Juarez, Ruth spent five days at the Oasis of Hope Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico.
While I was ministering in Ciudad Juarez, Ruth spent five days at the Oasis of Hope Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico, where she received their wellness treatment to strengthen her immune system that recently had been compromised and resulted in an autoimmune disease. This treatment was developed at Oasis of Hope to improve the overall condition of patients as the key to their unusually high success rate (see www.oasisofhope.com/patient-survival-statistics.php).

The clinic is led by Dr. Francisco Contreras, M.D.  On the Sunday Ruth was there, he preached in a chapel service on how God can be trusted, even when we don’t understand Him, to impart faith to the patients – quite an unusual spiritual emphasis for someone who graduated with honors from both the Universidad Autonoma de Mexico and the University of Vienna where he specialized in surgical oncology. He is a Kingdom doctor bringing transformation to medicine in a most critical area: finding a cure for cancer and strengthening the immune system to cure and/or prevent the onset of diseases. Our contact at Oasis of Hope is Gaston Tessada (Dr. Contreras’ son-in-law) and, if you’re interested, he can be reached at gastontessada@gmail.com.
This combination of macro and micro is what we are called to do.
Ruth and our associate Jill Robson, who accompanied her, were able to minister to many of the patients and led to Christ a very skeptical Englishman who since then has begun to devour the Scriptures. I got a taste of how much God used Ruth when I visited the clinic last Wednesday and saw her going from bed to bed, laying hands on people, dispensing spiritual counsel and speaking faith into their lives. She was their pastor!! It was a pleasure to be introduced as “Ruth’s husband.”
In my previous report, I pointed out that the Great Commission was given twice by Jesus: in Mark 16 He instructs us to preach the gospel to individuals, and in Matthew 28 to disciple nations. It was so complementary to see Ruth and Jill, along with Dr. Contreras and his team, carrying on the Mark 16 “half” (individuals) while we were doing the Matthew 28 “other half” (nations) in Ciudad Juarez. This combination of macro and micro is what we are called to do, setting an example for individuals and churches to embrace both dimensions.
God’s perimeter in Ciudad Juarez continues to expand.
The first wave of training for 6,880 city employees is about to start, beginning with the top 120 department directors. City Hall will soon consider declaring Juarez a corruption free city! Can you picture this: every public employee trained in transformation and their political leaders going on record against corruption? Add the nine chambers of commerce whose members will also be trained, plus every student in each of the public schools, and as a bonus add the President of Mexico highlighting what is going on in Juarez as the ideal for the 32 states in Mexico to emulate. Juarez’s image is even moving up as a tourist destination in United Airline’s August 2014 travel magazine.
This is nation transformation in action and it has to spread.
But we don’t want you to be uplifted only momentarily by these reports. We want you to be able to put the biblical principles behind these stories to work in your sphere of influence since every inspiring story we are sharing began when one person decided to “step out of the boat” to walk where no one else had dared walk before. Like Peter, they have taken occasional dips in an angry sea, but they have consistently been picked up by Jesus and made stronger.
This is why we want to submit a mutually beneficial Kingdom proposal that will empower you to emulate Poncho Murguia, God’s point man in Juarez who you’ve read about, while enabling us to take the message wider, farther and higher.
This synergism enables us to present the Gospel of the Kingdom to tens of thousands all over the world
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Unlike a local congregation where each Sunday members hear a challenge to give and then respond as they feel led, our ministry is global and itinerant. Jesus at one point left His carpentry shop to itinerate, and Paul, when not making tents, was also itinerating. Their ministry was supported in several ways:
Those with material wealth invested some of it to expand God’s Kingdom and reap eternal dividends. This was the case with businesswomen who supported Jesus’ ministry (see Luke 8:1-3) and Philemon who came alongside Paul (see Philemon 1:7).
The Thessalonians, on the first day of every week, set something aside from what God had prospered them with so that no request for offerings by Paul would be necessary (see 1 Cor. 16:2).
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