In these hours before Valentine’s Day, husbands everywhere are busily putting together their well-laid plans to deliver flowers, breakfasts-in-bed, romantic surprises and any number of things to convey their love for their wife. At the same time, others are trying to figure out, even after many years together, what they can do to show that the flame of love is alive, even if they don’t know where to find fuel to keep it burning!
In this special three-minute video, Ruth and I discuss how God designed men with the greatest built-in Valentine’s Day gift that one could ever bestow to his wife, the thing she desires above all else – his vulnerable heart. Opening himself to his wife doesn’t have to be an intimidating proposition for a husband; it can begin with some simple but powerful steps that will build in her the confidence to entrust her own heart to him. Ruth also offers valuable insight to women on how to be the protector of the male heart and the one with whom he knows it is safe.
Watch, be blessed, and viva el amor!
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